Our Services

  • Tree Removal

    We all love trees, but sometimes a tree must be removed due to poor physical structure and health. It is unfortunate; however, if there is a threat to a person’s safety, we can remove the tree safely and professionally. When a tree is removed, you...
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  • Tree Trimming & Pruning

    When you walk out to your property, is the sky visible through your trees? If you cannot see sky through your trees, then the canopy of your tree is very dense and over time will become a very stressed and damaged tree. Density within a...
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  • Stump Grinding & Removal

    Whether you are having a tree removed, or have an old stump that needs removal from your property, Superior Tree Service can help. Let us help you remove those tree stumps and above-ground roots that are very unsightly and a nuisance when it comes to...
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  • Crown Raising & Reduction

    Tree Crown Raising Low hanging limbs are always encumbering the view and mobility within our communities. When a tree’s limbs are low hanging, they block driveways, sidewalks and make it very difficult to maintain our yards or community. Removing lower branches from trees provides a...
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