Tree Removal

In the Pacific Northwest there is an old and honored profession that is left to those who eugene-oregon-tree-removalhave the skills and training to do it. Over the years, the equipment and methods have improved making the job safer for those doing providing tree service as well as those who are left below, but there is always a certain amount of danger that goes with falling trees. Hiring the wrong person to remove a tree can put both people and property at risk. Hiring the right company can add sunlight to your yard, add life to your roof by avoiding tree droppings and get it done quickly. If you are looking for tree care in Eugene Oregon, Superior Tree Service is where you start.

Stump Grinding

One of the most frustrating things for a home owner that is trying his best to keep a perfect lawn is old stumps and roots. They can destroy the grade of your lawn make grass come in sparsely even ruin lawn care equipment. Add to that, the fact that stump removal by hand is one of the hardest labor jobs a person can attempt. Hiring a professional stump grinder is how to get the job done right, Grinding machines can do in hours what it would take men and shovels all day to do. Stump grinders are also the way to get a complete job done without leaving big annoying roots behind. Because there are different sized trees there are different sized stump grinders. Superior Tree Service is already equipped with the right equipment for your job.

Trimming and Pruning

Landscapers are often called in for tree trimming and care, but there is a limit to what they can do. A tree service can limb a tree much higher, and they will know what can possibly hurt a tree, and can identify when a tree needs to be limbed to avoid being blown down. Not all tree trimming jobs are aesthetic. Often, it is done to clear power lines along roadways, or uncover traffic signs. Whatever your reason, you are much better calling in an expert for tree care in Eugene Oregon. Call Superior Tree Service today for a free estimate!