Stump Grinding & Removal

stumpgrinding-closeupWhether you are having a tree removed, or have an old stump that needs removal from your property, Superior Tree Service can help. Let us help you remove those tree stumps and above-ground roots that are very unsightly and a nuisance when it comes to maintaining your yards appearance and safety.

Our stump grinding services include:

Full Clean-Up

We can haul away all stump grindings, or turn it into mulch for your yard. We then place dirt where the stump resided and level out the ground. When we are done, you are unable to tell that a tree or stump was there.

Partial Clean-Up

This process begins by placing all the grindings back into the hole that is now on your property and slightly packing it down. This will always leave a small unlevel area on the property; however no grass will grow there for quite some time. So if appearance is not your concern, then this is a process that takes time for the small unlevel area to be unnoticeable, as it settles over time.

No Clean-Up

We grind down the stump and all debris remains where it falls. The hole also remains on the property and after grinding a stump; the remains of mulch are quite often very difficult and time consuming to clean-up.


Not only are roots very unsightly, they are often the reason behind cracked foundations, sidewalks, driveways and pipe damage. Tree roots crave moisture and the root hairs are always in search of it in your drain lines and this constant probing for moisture can cause pipes to break over time.

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