Crown Raising & Reduction

Tree Crown Raising

eugene-tree-serviceLow hanging limbs are always encumbering the view and mobility within our communities. When a tree’s limbs are low hanging, they block driveways, sidewalks and make it very difficult to maintain our yards or community. Removing lower branches from trees provides a safe clearance for your vehicle, bicyclists and pedestrians. Trimming low branches from a tree will also increase the curb appeal of your home, business, parks and schools.

The crew at Superior Tree Service will safely remove all low limbs, so that your trees remain healthy and your grounds do not look so cluttered. This process will provide a safe and healthy environment for all those around.

Tree Crown Reduction

You never want to cut off the top of your tree! When you cut off the top of a tree, you will create a multitude of new problems. The tree will eventually develop multiple tops, structure stress and water sprouts. Cutting off the top of a tree the improper way can also lead to openings so that fungus takes hold and parasites find a new home.

Superior Tree Service prunes the trees with expert knowledge and safety. We do this through the shortening of many branches and the removal of branches. This type of tree pruning will not only create a very natural appearance, but will help in maintaining the trees physical structure. If your tree structure is damaged, it could lead to significant stress upon the tree and create a very unsafe environment.

Please note that if you want your tree tops to be minimized, especially when it comes to a very mature tree, no more than 30% of the tree should be removed properly and safely in a 12 month period. Knowing this, it is important to understand, that it could take more than one year to reduce the height of your tree if it is very mature and you don’t want to remove the tree entirely.

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