Tree Removal

eugene-oregon-tree-removalWe all love trees, but sometimes a tree must be removed due to poor physical structure and health. It is unfortunate; however, if there is a threat to a person’s safety, we can remove the tree safely and professionally.

When a tree is removed, you always start by climbing the tree and removing the limbs from the bottom of the tree and working your way to the top. This requires a specially trained and skillful tree removal service company. Upon the removal of the limbs from the tree, we begin to cut our way through the tree stump from the top down, working our way to the ground. During this removal, we will use a chipper to clean up the brush from the tree which can be turned into mulch. The larger limbs are then cut up into firewood. The mulch and firewood are available for the property owners, or we haul it away.

Always work with a tree service expert when it comes to the removal of a tree. Some trees roots are close to structures and if not removed properly, can cause damage to the structure it is surrounding. Working with a highly skilled Eugene tree removal company is a way to ensure the stability of surrounding structures and preventing any safety hazards down the road.

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