Trees of the Northwest

The trees of the Pacific Northeugene-pruning-servicewest are among the most beautiful and stately trees in the country. In addition to providing much needed oxygen, shade, and protection from pollution, trees add a unique element of beauty to gardens, streets, and public spaces. Trimming and pruning trees is an essential aspect of tree care.


If a tree has experienced significant damage due to weather or age, it may require removal. Seasoned expert tree service Eugene can help determine if a tree should be removed in consultation with you. Such factors as the tree’s age, the extent of damage, the species of tree, and health of the tree are essential to determining whether removal is necessary. But sentimental value is also a component. Trees that have not suffered tremendous damage may be worth saving through careful trimming and other care. However, a tree that requires removal may become hazardous to other trees if it is not removed promptly.


Trimming should be done when a tree is dormant to ensure that trimming does not adversely affect the development of the tree. Trimming requires care. Branches that are lateral and are weak or shaped in the letter “v” are ideal for trimming, but trimming branches that are thick is risky. Leave a small stub when trimming a branch and do not trim too close.


Pruning a tree involves both artfulness and technique. There are several ways to prune a tree – pinching, heading, shearing, or thinning. Heading and thinning, which remove thin branches and parts of stems, are commonly used for trees. It should be done with sensitivity and no more than 30% of the tree should be removed through pruning at a particular time. Pruning stimulates new growth and is imperative for tree health. When dead wood is removed, the tree can grow new branches and generate new fruit and flowers. Pruning also enhances the beauty of a tree. Although bonsai is perhaps the most well-known tree pruning art form, pruning in itself is a creative act. Once you have mastered the basics of pruning technique, experimenting with shapes can add variety and new elegance to your garden, yard, or tree-lined street.