Caring for Your Trees in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest produces some of the most beautiful trees to be found anywhere. The right weather mixes – rain, sun and soil answer for this beautiful array of stately presence. Residents and commercial owners benefit by higher property values when healthy trees are involved. Because of the majestic existence of trees, the environment receives a benefit because of the provision of oxygen. Trees are important; therefore, people should see that they are healthy and disease-free.

When domestic and commercial trees are properly maintained by Eugene tree service experts, they are less likely to be overcome by tree-eating insects. There are many insects that can cause damage to a tree. However, several can be the cause of its death as well. It is not difficult to treat most infected trees if they are caught in time.

Killer-tree bugs like fir engraver – a member of the bark beetle family, leaf rollers and various insect borers are all known to end a tree’s life over time. Although there are many insects that do not kill trees, they can cause diseases. These bugs can include aphids.

Whether a tree is sick or mortally suffers, the results could be devastating to other trees and effect areas as large as forestry. Domestically speaking, trees are subject to the same diseases and can be killed by the same insects. To maintain the health of a tree, some preventive care should be given.

Basically, there are three main categories of tree insects. They are:

  • ??? Boring insects
  • ??? Chewing insects
  • ??? Sucking insects

Wood-boring insects can channel their way into tree tissue. The larvae of the moths and beetles funnel their way into the tree. The chewing insect does as the name implies. Wood is consumed by the insect and cause great harm and death in more severe cases. Sucking insects generally feed by sucking sap from the leaves and the stems of trees.

Prevention and treatment may be done with the application of systemic insecticides, pruning, band protectors and more. The right application to use can be confusing. Additionally, high areas of the tree could go untreated because of its unreachable height.

There are preventions that can be applied by the non-professional. However, experienced Eugene tree service professionals should be called. With their knowledge and expertise, they can treat a tree, preventing its death, in many cases. They will know what to do and how to do it.